Welcome to the website of the Lusitano Club. Our Club was established to promote and preserve the history, culture, and heritage of the descendants of Portuguese people of the Far East, known as “Macanese.”

Macau was a Portuguese territory for nearly 450 years, from 1557 to 1999. Its location on the Pearl River Delta, opposite Hong Kong, gave rise to a unique hybrid culture of western and Asian influence. Our Club’s mission is to educate, celebrate and advance our distinguishable history, language, literature, art, music, sports and cuisine as it developed in Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and elsewhere along the spice trade routes where the Portuguese established a presence.

Since the establishment of the Lusitano Club in 1984, and with over 850 members, we are now fostering the active participation of our youth. We host many social events annually, including activities with similar groups regionally and globally, and we publish a quarterly Lusitano Bulletin, to promote awareness and appreciation of our cultural legacy for the enrichment and enjoyment of our members and the community at large. We invite you to learn more by navigating our web site, participating in activities, and becoming a member.