Familias Macaenses II Edition

Author:  Dr. Jorge Forjaz

Published:  2017


Cost: listed for $510. Actual cost of book $450USD plus $60USD cost of seamail to arrive USA April 2017)


The 2nd edition of the Macanese Families was presented with great success during the 2016 Macau Encontro by the author Dr. Jorge Forjaz, who has spent decades in researching the Macanese genealogy. This 6-volume 2nd Edition is a general review of the work of the 3-volume 1st Edition, updated in almost all the chapters and sub-chapters, adding 80 new chapters and illustrated with over 3,000 photographs.

Twenty years ago, he published a paper that he thought had come to an end. But two decades after the “Macanese Families,” Jorge Forjaz presented a reprint, which only the Internet made possible.              November 29, 2016 Isabel Castro Interview with Dr. Jorge Forjaz